“For CEOs, strategy planning can be frustrating. Finally, a clean approach that can focus and sequence their work, bring the voice of the customer to the center of the plan, provide a concrete link between strategy and sales growth, and mitigate analysis paralysis."
John Kaul
Chief Executive Officer, Allredi
"If you want to build a business strategy that drives financial outcomes like sales, revenue, and profitability, stop using your current approach. Customer-based strategy is the only framework that links customer value to product portfolio and customer segmentation choices, investment and budgeting decisions, aligned priorities for all departments, and individual accountability and performance.”
Maggie Seeliger
Senior Vice President-Strategy, Sodexo Energy and Resources Worldwide
"I've been involved in strategy planning for numerous organizations. This book's approach is a quantum leap forward. It focuses, streamlines, and improves strategy planning, bringing customer value to the center of it.”
Heather Wisialowski
Chief Revenue Officer, Allredi
"Implementing this strategy approach cut out all the guesswork from our strategy planning work. As the CEO, I can finally link strategy to financial outcomes, prioritize initiatives, and focus my senior executives on what matters most to our clients."
Simon Seaton
Chief Executive Officer, Sodexo Energy and Resources Worldwide
“Boards, CEOs, and senior executives use a lot of gut feel and guesswork in strategy planning. This book first documents why that can harm strategy planning and then shows how a modern approach rooted in scientific thinking can reform the strategy process. As the CEO of many successful companies, I highly recommend this book to those aspiring to be transformative CEOs and strategy leaders."
Rahul Mehta
Chief Executive Officer, Mehta Family Foundation and NuView, Inc.